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Banks Headquartered in Adams County
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ID RSSD Name Location Assets (in Thousands) Avg Deposit Rate Trend Avg Loan Rate Trend
916147 Grand Marsh State Bank GRAND MARSH, WI $128,942 0.31%

Domestic Branches Located in Adams County
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Branch ID RSSD Branch Name Branch Location Bank Assets (in Thousands) Bank Avg Deposit
Bank Avg Loan
10540 Bmo Harris Bank National Association Adams Branch ADAMS, WI $111,889,682 0.47% 4.20%
2093097 Grand Marsh State Bank Mound View Branch ADAMS, WI $128,942 0.31% 4.73%
2252362 Royal Bank Adams Branch ADAMS, WI $418,403 0.39% 5.05%
2430311 Nekoosa Port Edwards State Bank Rome Lakes Branch NEKOOSA, WI $221,296 1.00% 4.70%
3312656 U.S. Bank National Association Wisconsin Rapids Adams Branch NEKOOSA, WI $452,255,735 0.55% 4.56%