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Industry Calculation Tools and Tips

This page provides you with links to various calculation tools used in various investment and insurance products. You will find investing, retirement, college savings, 401(k), mutual fund cost and savings bond calculators, among others.


  • Bankrate Calculators — Calculators for mortgage, retirement, investing, car loans, credit cards and refinancing from the publisher of Bank Monitor.
  • Federal Student Aid Calculator — A feature of the U.S. Department of Education to estimate your monthly payment.
  • FINRA Calculators — Smart Investing, Retirement, College Savings, Loan, Savings, 401(k) & IRA Distribution, 529 college Savings Plan Analyzer
  • Indiana Department of Financial Institutions Calculators — Links to savings & investing websites, Retirement Planner, MSN Savings Calculators, USA Today Calculators, Tax Advantage Savings Calculator, Value of Deposits calculator, Savings Bond Calculators, USA Calculators, What will it take to reach your investment goal, How much can you save in 401(k), Should you borrow from your 401(k), How much will you need to retire?, How long until you become a millionaire?
  • IRS Withholding Calculator — Owe money at tax time? You can use this tool from the Internal Revenue Service to see if it is time to update your W-4 withholding form
  • SEC Calculators — Mutual Fund Cost Calculator, Tax Free vs. Taxable Yield Calculator, College Savings Calculator, Loan Calculator, Savings Calculator, Social Security Retirement Planner, Estimate Retirement Calculator, 529 College Savings Plan Expense Calculator
  • Personal Finance Calculators — Saving, Real Estate, Insurance, Taxes, Education, Retirement and more from Yahoo! Finance.

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