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The Federal Reserve System conducts research and leads efforts to identify and address emerging risks facing U.S. financial institutions of all sizes

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Risk Perspectives

This newsletter is designed to highlight a few current risk topics and some potential risk topics on the horizon for the Seventh District and its supervised financial institutions. 

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Community Banking Connections

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Federal Reserve – Speeches and Releases

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

FinCEN's mission is to safeguard the financial system from illicit use and combat money laundering and promote national security through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of financial intelligence and strategic use of financial authorities.

Financial Stability Board

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) is an international body that monitors and makes recommendations about global financial systems.

Financial Stability Oversight Council

Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) is a collaborative body chaired by the Secretary of the Treasury that brings together the expertise of the federal financial regulators, an independent insurance expert appointed by the President, and state regulators.

The Financial Stability Oversight Council Annual Report fulfills the Congressional mandate to report on the activities of the Council, describe significant financial market and regulatory developments, analyze potential emerging threats, and make certain recommendations.

Shared National Credit Program

The Shared National Credit (SNC) Program assesses credit risk and trends as well as risk management practices associated with the largest and most complex credits shared by multiple regulated financial institutions.

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