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The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is honored to have achieved the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) Award. The NAFE Award honors companies that move the needle in helping women grow into leadership roles by having exceptional benefits and policies in place, a diverse and inclusive culture and strong career advancement opportunities.

  1. How does the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago create a career environment that allows women to thrive? The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago views its employees as its greatest asset and continues to emphasize the important role of women in leadership. There is an intentional focus on training and development of women at all levels, strong support for work/life balance, and there is the potential to work in more than one field should you be led by your curiosity and skills. There is a supportive culture for women, including through Employee Support Network Groups such as the Woman’s Impact Network (WIN) and the Family Resource Group (FRoG).
  2. How do you feel about accepting this award for the Bank? Throughout my career here I have continued to see progress in support of women in leadership. While I have the honor to accept this award on behalf of the Bank, there are many women leaders in the Bank who make a difference every day. Through their positive examples and continuous push for progress they are setting the stage for the future women leaders of the Bank.
  3. Which Bank benefits do you feel were most valuable in helping you to succeed? The benefits which have been most valuable to me are the many leadership development offerings and the formal and informal mentorship and coaching opportunities. As a mom I have truly appreciated and benefited from the emphasis on and support for work/life balance.
  4. Who would you say most inspired you and encouraged you during your career? I am blessed to have had the support and encouragement from many talented and inspiring individuals throughout my career here - both male and female and through all levels of the organization. Most recently I am inspired by the time and dedication women leaders here are giving to other women, especially our younger talent. It is far more intentional than earlier in my career and it is a very positive shift in our culture.
  5. What advice would give to a young woman starting her career at the Fed? I would encourage a young woman to be curious, to build relationship with people different than her, find advocates, and to give and receive grace. She should be open to new opportunities, yet mindful of the potential impacts to her personal and family life. Finally, I would ask her to daily seek out things for which to be grateful and to never lose her sense of humor.
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