Prepare for the Interview

Prepare for your Interview

Interview Tips from the Fed Corporate Recruiting Team

Do your Homework

We're impressed when candidates have taken the time to do some research and learn about us. Take a look around on our website and social media sites and learn as much as you can.

Come Prepared

Dress for the occasion. The best practice is, when in doubt, wear a suit. Even if an office is business-casual attire, it's still appropriate to wear business attire for an interview.

Confidence is Key

You don't want to appear too nervous or too relaxed. The best advice is to have confidence in who you are and what you bring to the table. Focus on being your authentic self.

What We Do

Marketing Is Crucial

Ensuring that you can speak to your specific experiences is critical. Prepare specific examples to support the work that you have done and the accomplishments that you have made on the job. Try to prepare to have a specific example for each of your answers.

It’s OK to Ask Questions

If during your interview, we ask a question and you feel more clarification is needed – please let us know. Ask us to clarify or repeat it. Having a solid understanding of the question will position you to provide your best answer.

Follow Up

At the conclusion of the interview, ensure you get contact information from the person or people that you meet with. Sending a follow up thank you note as soon as possible after the interview let us know that you are still interested in us and the opportunity discussed.

Day of the Interview

Remember to bring proper ID if your interview is in person. If your interview is virtual, please plan to login to the virtual tool at least 5 minutes before your interview begins.

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