Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity

EEO Statement

It is the policy of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to fill each position with the individual who is the best qualified for the requirements of that position, to provide equal opportunity in employment for all persons, and to prohibit discrimination in employment because of race, color, religion, gender or gender-identity, gender expression, national origin, age, disability, military status, sexual orientation or genetic information.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we ensure that our work environment provides equal opportunity and is free of discriminatory practices for all staff. We also work hard to attract, develop and retain the best available talent.

The mission of the Federal Reserve System is to foster the efficiency of the nation's monetary, financial and payment systems in order to promote a strong and stable economy. We serve the public interest by fostering a strong economy and promoting financial stability. We accomplish this with talented and innovative people working within a collaborative and inclusive culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

Work Environment

If you join our team, you will be a part of an environment that helps you grow and develop personally and professionally. We offer employees:

  • • A diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment
  • • Opportunities to develop and grow
  • • A workplace grounded in core values of integrity, respect, responsibility and excellence

In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is committed to open communication between employees and their department management. This helps foster an environment where employees can make positive contributions to our success.

Core Values

Our values represent what is most important to us as an organization. They guide us in our daily work and provide a framework for evaluating success.


We are honest, fair, courageous and independent in order to maintain strong public confidence in our Bank and in the Federal Reserve System.


We value diverse talents and perspectives and empower one another to advance our mission.


We are accountable for our individual and collective actions and honor our commitments to the public and one another.


We strive to achieve the highest level of performance in pursuit of our mission.

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