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Last Updated: 12/05/11

Euro Challenge Resources

The Euro Challenge boasts a wealth of on-line and interactive resource for new and existing educators to use to prepare their team and use in the classroom more generally. Please visit the program-specific Euro Challenge website, so you can get ready for your Euro Challenge!

What Is Price Stability? Videos You Can Use

Getting your team ready for the Euro Challenge? Take a look at this!

ECB: Price stability - why is it important for you? from Euro Challenge on Vimeo.

Building a 21st Century Learning Environment

Increase students' knowledge and understanding of the European Union and the euro and
    Promote an understanding of economic challenges facing European Union member nations
  • Support local learning standards related to global studies and economics

  • Foster economic and financial literacy and understanding of economic policy issues

  • Develop communication, critical thinking and cooperative skills

  • Have students make personal connections that will last beyond high school

  • Enrich your team's experience through social networking tools on the Euro Challenge website to work with teams across country

In Support of 21st Century Skills Framework

By Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  1. Focuses on 21st Century Skills, content knowledge and expertise.
  2. Builds understanding across and among core subjects, as well as 21st Century interdisciplinary themes.
  3. Emphasizes deep understanding, rather than shallow knowledge.
  4. Engages students with the real world data, tools and experts that they will encounter in college, on the job and in life: Students learn best when actively engaged in solving meaningful problems.
  5. Allows for multiple measures of mastery.

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