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Workforce Challenges During Chicago’s Recovery

August 10 — 2–4 pm CT

How can government, philanthropy, education, and the private sector work together to make workplaces safe under pandemic conditions and get displaced workers back to work? What strategies can be built into such efforts to improve the long-run job prospects for racially diverse and economically disadvantaged workers? Chicago leaders from business, labor, education, and workforce development organizations will discuss these questions.

The Role of Urban Planning, Architecture, and Transportation in Chicago’s Future

August 17 — 10–11:00 am CT

Chicago, like most major cities, has seen uneven economic development over the past two decades. Growth in and near downtown has been pronounced, while neighborhoods on the South Side and West Side have seen disinvestment and population loss. Experts will examine the roles of urban planning, architecture, and transportation in Chicago’s growth, how the physical features of the city may adapt to the pandemic, and how the city’s infrastructure and built environment can support or derail inclusive economic growth.

The Future of Innovation in an Inclusive Chicago

Chicago is a global hub for innovation in finance, technology, and other sectors. Yet continued innovation is not guaranteed, and the demographic makeup of the city has often not been reflected in its most innovative industries. Business leaders and academic experts will address how different sectors of the city can support continued innovation, as well as what steps can be taken to include all residents in the benefits of innovation, including growth and prosperity.

The Demography and Geography of Covid-19: Implications for Chicago’s Residents and Neighborhoods

Health and employment outcomes during the pandemic have varied substantially across Chicago’s communities. Researchers and community leaders will explore these patterns and their consequences for the city’s future.

Across the District

Rebuilding for Resilience: How Will Iowa Thrive After the Pandemic?

August 18 — 10–11 am CT

What will the recovery from the pandemic look like for Iowa, and what role will different sectors play? The state faces many challenges, especially given its urban and rural economies and the importance of its farms and businesses to the nation’s supply chains. Government, industrial, and nonprofit leaders will consider the challenges Iowa has faced during the pandemic, as well as the roles that government, philanthropy, education, and the business sector can play to ensure a recovery in which all Iowans can thrive.

Visions for Detroit’s Future: A Community Forum

This virtual event will bring together government, community, health, and business leaders to discuss visions for how Detroit recovers from the Covid-19 crisis. Charles Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, will moderate a discussion exploring how Detroit can meet the public health challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, rebuild the economy, and ensure all residents share in a strong future for the city.

Indianapolis after the Covid-19 Pandemic

This virtual event will explore the efforts under way as Indianapolis reopens its economy and strives to become more resilient for the future. A discussion among government, business, healthcare, nonprofit, and philanthropic leaders will feature insights into how Indianapolis can rebuild and grow a resilient economy for all its residents.

Rebuilding Milwaukee’s Economy: A Community Forum

Government, community, economic development, and business leaders will come together to discuss their visions for Milwaukee’s future. A panel discussion will explore how Milwaukee can recover from the challenges posed by a pandemic, record unemployment, and social unrest. The discussion will also focus on opportunities to rebuild Milwaukee’s economy so that all residents can benefit from a strong future for the city.

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