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Description of Bank Examiner and other supervisory/regulatory positions.

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Bank examiners are part of a team that evaluates, interprets, and reports risks arising from the practices and policies of community banks and bank holding companies. Bank examiners perform a critical role to the Federal Reserve, but there are other roles that provide the training and support to examiners.



A bachelor's degree in business or liberal arts.

Demonstrated analytical skills.

The ability to write clearly and concisely, and interact with individuals at all levels of an organization.

A solid understanding of basic accounting procedures and financial analysis is strongly preferred.

Be a U.S. citizen or have a permanent resident visa (Green Card) with a signed declaration of intent to become a United States citizen.


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Reviews focus on the safety and soundness of the financial institution or compliance with consumer laws and regulations.

Examiners travel to the financial institution, meet with management and staff, review financial records and analyze the data.

Examiners summarize their analysis and make recommendations in a written report. New bank examiners also have the unique opportunity to present recommendations to senior management of the financial institution.



Examiners are required to travel about 30 to 40 percent of the time. They participate in an extensive training program involving classroom and computer-based education as well as self-study. During their first three to five years with the Bank, examiners prepare for a commissioning exam administered by the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors. As examiners progress in their careers, they can focus on specialty areas, including information systems, trust, capital markets, or global-institution reviews.