Alicia Williams

Vice President, Community Development Officer and Director of Community Development and Policy Studies

Alicia Williams is vice president, community development officer and director of community development and policy studies at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. She is also the Bank’s community affairs officer. She has oversight responsibility for the Bank’s community development/affairs program, emerging community and economic development issues and policy research. She and her staff conduct policy research on access to credit by underserved individuals and small business owners, hold policy community development conferences and provide technical assistance on consumer laws and regulations for financial institutions. 

Williams has many years of experience in the bank regulatory and examination field. After receiving her degree in finance, she began her professional career at the Chicago Fed as a safety and soundness bank examiner. She earned her examiner’s commission and went on to conduct bank holding company inspections. During her tenure at the Fed, she has led and written many bank examinations and bank holding company inspections. She also served as the officer in charge of the compliance examination division for 12 years and was responsible for supervision of banks for compliance with fair lending laws, compliance matters, and CRA. She holds a B.B. in finance from Western Illinois University and is a 1997 graduate of Northwestern University’s Kellogg Executive MBA Program.

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