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2019 Federal Reserve System Community Development Research Conference Agenda


2019 Federal Reserve System Community Development Conference: Renewing the Promise of the Middle Class 

For information on the conference, hotel, and registration instructions, click here.

Thursday, May 9

7:00 a.m.   Check In and Breakfast

8:30 a.m.   Opening Remarks: Chairman Jerome Powell, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

9:00 a.m.   Plenary Session 1: Emerging Labor Market and Education Trends Reshaping Pathways to the Middle Class

  • Aaron Chatterji, Duke University
  • Melissa Kearney, University of Maryland
  • Valerie Wilson, Economic Policy Institute
  • Moderator: Richard Reeves, Brookings Institution

10:30 a.m.   Break

11:00 a.m.   Concurrent Sessions 1:

Returns to Education and Training

  • Thomas Maloney, University of Utah, Teacher Unionization and Student Academic Performance: Will the Weakening of Teachers' Unions Harm the Middle Class and Intensify Inequality?
  • Mark Elliott, Economic Mobility Corporation, Escalating Gains: Project QUEST's Sectoral Strategy Pays Off
  • Pamela Winston, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Cross-Domain Instability in Families with Some College Education: Implications for Supporting Opportunity and Security

Trends in Jobs and the Labor Market

  • Sara Lamback, JFF, and Dan Restuccia, Burning Glass Technologies, When Is a Job Just a Job? And When Can it Launch a Career?
  • John Coglianese, Board of Governors at the Federal Reserve System, The Rise of In-and-Outs: Declining Labor Force Participation of Prime Age Men
  • Gregor Schubert, Harvard Business School, Occupational Mobility, Outside Options, and Monopsony Power in the Labor Market

Economic Well-Being and Work Policy Ideas

  • Bruce Meyer, University of Chicago, The Material Well-Being of the Bottom Twenty Percent and the Middle Class Since 1980
  • Heidi Hartmann, Institute for Women's Policy Research, Paid Leave for Family Economic Security
  • Leonard Burman, Urban Institute, A Universal EITC to Counteract Wage Stagnation

12:30 p.m.   Lunch

Afternoon Remarks: President Charles Evans, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

2:00 p.m.   Transition time   

2:15 p.m.   Concurrent Sessions 2:

Pathways to Homeownership and Housing Wealth

  • Michael Eriksen, University of Cincinnati, The Role of Parents on the Home Ownership Experience of their Children: Evidence from Health and Retirement Study
  • Isaac Hacamo, Indiana University, Helping the Middle Class: How Interest Rates Affect the Distribution of Housing Wealth
  • Lisa Nelson, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, The American Dream or Just an Illusion? Understanding Land Contract Trends in the Midwest Pre- and Post-Crisis

Broader Implications of Student Loans

  • Venoo Kakar, San Francisco State University, Student Loan Debt and Financial Health of U.S. Householders
  • Debarshi Nandy, Brandeis University, Student Loans and Stock Market Participation
  • Julie Margetta Morgan, Roosevelt Institute, The Student Debt Crisis, Labor Market Credentialization, and Racial Inequality: How the Student Debt Debate Gets the Economics Wrong

Improving the Financial Security of Households

  • Katie Fitzpatrick, University of Delaware, Newark, Health Insurance and High Cost Borrowing: The Effect of Medicaid on Pawn Loans, Payday Loans, and other Non-Bank Financial Products
  • Luisa Blanco, Pepperdine University, Racial and Ethnic Differences in Financial Literacy and Outcomes: The Role of Neighborhood Effects
  • Maude Toussaint-Comeau, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Liquidity and Credit Constraints among the Middle Class

 3:45 p.m.   Transition time

4:00 p.m.   Plenary Session 2: Financial Security and Wealth Building as Key Building Blocks of a Middle Class Lifestyle

  • Mehrsa Baradaran, University of Georgia School of Law
  • Adam Looney, Brookings Institution
  • Cindy Soo, University of Michigan
  • Moderator: Ida Rademacher, Aspen Institute

5:30 p.m.   Evening Reception

7:00 p.m.   Day One Concludes


Friday, May 10

7:00 a.m.   Breakfast

8:30 a.m.   Opening Remarks: Governor Lael Brainard, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

9:15 a.m.   Plenary Session 3: The Role of Local Communities in Mobility and Security in the Middle Class

  • Randall Akee, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Mary Pattillo, Northwestern University
  • David Williams, Opportunity Insights
  • Moderator: Margery Turner, Urban Institute

10:45 a.m.   Transition time

11:00 a.m.   Concurrent Sessions 3:

Race and Communities 

  • Ellora Derenoncourt, Harvard University, Can You Move to Opportunity? Evidence from the Great Migration
  • Junia Howell, University of Pittsburgh, The Increasing Effect of Neighborhood Racial Composition on Housing Values across the U.S., 1990-2010
  • Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress, Over the Edge: Trajectories of African-American Middle Neighborhoods in St. Louis Since 2000

Neighborhoods and Housing Affordability

  • Brittany Lewis, University of Minnesota, Black Men Are Locked Up, Black Women Are Locked Out:" An In-depth Mixed Methodological Study of Evictions in North Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Sandra Newman, Johns Hopkins University, There's No Place Like Home:  Racial Disparities in Household Formation in the 2000s
  • Jacob Cosman, Johns Hopkins University, Redevelopment and Housing Prices

Policy Ideas in Community Development

  • Ira Goldstein, Reinvestment Fund, Maybe it Really Does Take a Village: Supporting the Creation of High-Quality Unsubsidized Affordable Rental Housing in Legacy Cities
  • Anita Brown-Graham, University of North Carolina, Building Bonds and Bridges and Leveraging Links: A Place-Based Mobility Strategy Based on Social Capital Creation
  • Heather Stephens, West Virginia, Incentivizing the Missing Middle: The Role of Economic Development Policy

12:30 p.m.   Lunch

Afternoon Keynote: Chancellor Juan Salgado, City Colleges of Chicago

2:00 p.m.   Closing Remarks

2:30 p.m.   Adjournment


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