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Federal Reserve Financial Education Initiatives

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta provides economic education opportunities to teachers, students, and others through a variety of programs, outreach efforts, and publications such as teacher workshops, train-the-trainer seminars, and community partnerships.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
The New England Economic Adventure program was developed to assist visitors learn about key economic concepts, including standard of living, economic growth, and rising labor productivity, using examples from New England's own unique history. Visitors learn about the substantial improvement in living standards in New England over the past 200 years and about how economic growth makes possible rising living standards. Visitors see how life used to be in three earlier periods and try their hand at making major decisions in the textile, bicycle, and computer industries in New England.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Money Smart Week, created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago along with members of its Money Smart Advisory Council, is a week-long event that helps consumers better manage their finances and provide awareness of financial education programs available on topics such as budgeting and using credit wisely. The Chicago Fed also makes available numerous publications on personal finance and education, and also offers the Fed Challenge to both high school and college students.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland promotes financial literacy throughout its district by holding conferences and workshops for teachers; conducting tours for high school, college, and community groups; sponsoring competitions to increase understanding of the Fed's role in the economy; and producing publications about the banking system and the national economy.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Building Wealth: A Beginner's Guide to Securing Your Financial Future helps individuals and families develop a plan for building personal wealth and presents an overview of personal wealth-building strategies that include setting financial goals, seeking guidance, budgeting, saving and investing, and managing debt. Offered in interactive and PDF formats.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
The New York Fed promotes economic and financial education on its Web site by providing instructional materials and programs for students and educators. Student programs are available for elementary and middle school, high school, and college and graduate school levels.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Fed's mission in education is to promote economic and financial literacy and a greater understanding of the role of the Federal Reserve System. The Bank's goal is to provide teachers and students with resources that will help them better understand important economic concepts and issues. To promote this goal, the Philadelphia Fed houses a permanent exhibit, Money in Motion, where visitors learn about money, banking, and the Federal Reserve System. They also provide personal financial education information on their Web site that identifies curricula, materials, and resources that are available to the public.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond promotes economic and financial education for teachers, students and the general public through programs and partnerships. Educational programs are focused on enhancing knowledge about the economy, the unique role of the Federal Reserve System in the economy, and financial literacy topics. Outreach efforts take a variety of forms, including teacher workshops, train-the-trainer seminars, and publications. The Fed Experience exhibit is located at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and is open to the public. In the exhibit, visitors explore the power of their decisions on their quality of life, the impact of choices on the economy over time, and the role of the Federal Reserve in the economy.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
FedVille is an online town built just for kids ages 9 through 12. Kids earn money, open a savings account, and collect trivia cards. Students can also ask Dr. Econ an economics question, play the Great Economists and Their Times Treasure Hunt, or do the Fed-in-Brief Crossword Puzzle. There are also various teacher resources, materials and workshops as well as publications that support the Fed's financial literacy initiatives.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provides programs, including conferences and workshops for educators; the annual Fed Challenge competition for high-school students; print and electronic resources to help teachers and students understand economics and the Federal Reserve System; and tours for high school, college and community groups.

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