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Financial Education Internet Resources

Banking on Our Future  
Banking on Our Future (El futuro en tusmanos) is a free online financial education program provided by Wells Fargo and Operation HOPE. This interactive program teaches children, teens, and adults the basics of banking, budgeting, savings and checking accounts, credit and investing.

Also available in Spanish: El futuro en tusmanos 


CardTrak.com is an online resource provided and maintained by CardWeb.com, Inc. The site hosts vast information on how credit cards work and where consumers can find the best rates.


CardWeb.com, Inc.  
CardWeb.com is an online publisher of information pertaining to all types of payment cards including credit, debit, smart, prepaid, ATM, loyalty, and phone. Its mission is to provide useful information to consumers seeking payment cards and reliable, strategic information to professionals involved in the payment card industry.


The Center for Debt Management 
Online resource that offers assistance, financial information, and resources related to debt and money management. Some of the main services or sectors on the site include: family debt management, credit counseling services, financial aid center, legal resource center, credit repair basics, credit and financing, and financial and income resource centers.


The Dollar Stretcher 
Free weekly newsletter and Web site dedicated to family finances. It explores different ways to increase family income without reducing lifestyle. Some of the major topics covered in the articles include cash management, credit card and credit repair, debt, insurance, mortgages, IRAs, and budgeting.


Financial Times (FT) Your Money 
Free interactive service designed to help consumers manage and maximize their money. Concentrates on personal finance issues relevant to everyone. Offers advice on home buying, retirement, education, travel, saving money, creating wealth, tax, insurance, and loans.


Hands on Banking® 
This educational Website, provided by Wells Fargo, is designed to teach children (grades 4 and 5), teens, and adults basic money management and skills.

The online program includes features such as a dictionary of financial terms, calculators, and an ATM simulator. Each age group contains a teacher's guide that provides activity worksheets, assessments to test students' knowledge, and a Certificate of Completion to recognize student achievement.

Also available in Spanish on the Web and on a combined English/Spanish CD-ROM.


A site from Sovereign Bank with quizzes and games for young children to learn about money and banking.


Kids' Money 
David McCurrach publishes Kids' Money. In addition to the Web site, another project of his is the Kid's Money Journal financial management system for kids, along with a number of books and articles. The Web site is an interactive resource for parents and children interested in developing money management skills and habits and financial responsibility. There are many resources included on the site.


StocksQuest is an educational and interactive Web site that offers free global stock games for educators and contest organizers. It provides lesson plans, stock guides, and online investing resources.

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