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Information about the Seventh District's environmental policies and accomplishments.

7G Going Green

7G Going Green is an initiative to create a green culture at the Chicago Fed's Seventh District offices by promoting environmental awareness and practices. The program focuses on conserving energy, water and resources to benefit the planet, improve the health and welfare of people and reduce the Bank's operating and maintenance costs.

The Year in Review: 2013 Going Green Report

7Green is commissioned to encourage environmental responsibility within the Chicago Fed and among our employees. As part of this process, our building is being upgraded to twenty-first century environmental standards. We also produce an annual environmental report outlining resource and cost savings from our environmental efforts. Highlights from 2013 include:

Actions Results
Upgrades made to water consendation system and past washroom systems retrofit Over 3.5 million gallons of water were saved (enough water to fill 180 Olympic-sized swimming pools)
Recycled cash shreds in Chicago into soil compost Over 100 tons of cash shreds were diverted in the fall of 2013
Installed high efficiency domestic water heaters Saved enough energy for two homes for an entire year
81% of construction waste was recycled 87 tons of metal, 125 tons of wood and 90 tons of drywall did not go to landfills
Increased use of recycled paper 168 tons of paper recycled; 2,800 trees saved
Increased use of environmentally friendly cleaning products 90% of chemicals used to clean the Bank are Green Seal Certified
Employee programs to enourage use of public transit for commute 62% of eligible Bank staff take public transit, reduced estimated emissions of hydrocarbon by 8,074 lbs, nitrogen oxide by 4,806 lbs and carbon monoxide by 56,071 lbs  
Recycled toner cartridges About 2,112 toner cartridges were recycled saving 462 lbs of oil


Reserve Center Awarded LEED Silver Certfication

On November 1, 2012, the Chicago Fed's Building, the Reserve Center, was awarded silver certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This designation, awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council, provides a third-party verification of green buildings and works as a tool that identifies and promotes best-in-class building strategies. This makes the center the second oldest building in Illinois to receive this certification.


“Earning this designation is just another way we are demonstrating commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility,” said Building Management officer Michael Sutton. Read more...

About the Going Green Initiative

Sustainability, or green, refers to the renewal of resources at a rate equal or greater than the rate consumed. Since 2006, the Bank has been evaluating its physical plant and operations to create a green environment. Some steps taken are

  • Upgrading the HVAC system to reduce energy use
  • Replacing lighting with LED or high efficient fluorescent
  • Installing lighting sensors to eliminate wasted energy
  • Installing a reflective roof to reduce cooling needs
  • Equipping restrooms with high-efficiency faucets to conserve water
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products to improve workplace air quality
  • Recycling of paper and shredded currency