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Create Your Own Currency iPad App

Have you enjoyed the currency feature in the Fed Museum app? Take it to the next level in Create Your Own Currency iPad app, where you can customize your currency and then share it with friends! Watch for it in the App Store. Read more...

The Fed Museum App

Make your own currency and share it with friends! Spot the counterfeit. Find out how much it will cost you to buy that sports car in five year. These are just a few of the exhibits you'll find in the Fed Museum. Subscribe to find out when you can download onto your app. Read more...

The Fed iPad App

Learn about speeches, news releases and videos from the Federal Reserve System. Learn more about the iPad app, then download it.

Chicago Fed Blogs

Learn what Bill Testa and his colleagues have shared about the District's economy in the Midwest Economy blog.


Cindy Ivanac-Lillig discusses Economic Education topics at her Marginal Thoughts blog. 


Our Community Development and Policy Studies division has shared thoughts about community  and economic development in the Community Development and Policy Studies blog.


Our Detroit Branch research staff discusses the latest about Michigan on the Michigan Economy.

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See quotes from  President Evans' speeches as he presents them and get some insight into the Fed's Dual Mandate. Follow Charles L. Evans on Facebook.

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Looking for educational resources? Go no farther than our Vimeo channel, where you can find teacher training, Euro Challenge tips and more.

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Take a look at the Chicago Fed's page on wikipedia, the free interactive encyclopedia, for a quick overview of information about the Bank.

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Careers in the System

You can use social media to learn about jobs in the Federal Reserve System.