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The Fed Museum iPad App

iPad App Explains the Workings of U.S. Central Bank

An iPad app called “The Fed Museum” is now available in the App Store. It explains in an interactive and engaging way how the Federal Reserve System works.

The new education-focused app allows users access to a wide range of information about currency, economic history, supervision and regulation, the structure of the Fed, and the Federal Open Market Committee. The app also allows users to: 

  • View historical currency
  • Design a personalized souvenir dollar bill
  • Try your hand at managing inflation
  • Locate Fed bank museums across the country
  • Take a quiz on how we keep banks safe
  • Access Federal Reserve System economic research in one place
  • Learn about the Fed’s history
fed museum currency page fed museum inflation image

“We set out to create an app that would be easy-to-use and yet content-rich, so that people can learn something new about the role of the central bank in our economy,” said Cathie Bourke, vice president of the Public Affairs Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Another Federal Reserve app, called The Fed, was introduced to the public late in 2011. That app provides easy access to a wide range of Federal Reserve news and information including links to the most recent speeches, testimony and news releases from the Board of Governors in Washington, DC, as well as from the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks across the U.S.


Download The Fed Museum app from the App Store today!

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