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Stay Up to Date with the Fed App on Apple, Android Tablets and Smartphones

An official app of the United States Federal Reserve System is now available for all types of tablets and smartphones! It allows you access to a wide range of information from the Federal Reserve System Board of Governors and the 12 regional Reserve Banks. Easy-to-navigate and well-designed, the app opens with a map of the Federal Reserve System. Simply tap different areas of the map to get links to the latest news releases, research and data, speeches, videos, congressional testimony and tweets from each of the regional Reserve Banks or from Fed headquarters in Washington, DC. This app is a must-have for anyone interested in the work of the nation's central bank.

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The Fed available in the App store  and Google Play store.

New & Improved: The Fed

The Fed app is now available for all Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. It's time to visit the app store and get The Fed for your iPhone, or visit the Google Play store to download The Fed to your Android! Once you're up to date, check out the new features:

  • What's New: A new RSS feed that consolidates all the news from all the Feds in one convenient spot
  • The latest from the Board: An interactive carousel highlighting speeches, videos and more
  • Share stories you like: We've added a Twitter share, so you can tweet stories, speeches and videos to your friends.
  • Incorporated new API for Twitter.


How do I close a pop-up window?

Tap outside of the window anywhere else on the screen, and the window will close.


Why do the dates of press releases, speeches, You Tube videos and Tweets, vary for the Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Banks?

The RSS feeds that are used to display press releases and speeches vary according to how the respective RSS feeds are made available by the Board of Governors and each of the regional Federal Reserve Banks on their respective public websites. To view press releases and speeches that go back farther in time than the app displays, you may visit the appropriate public website directly. The Social Media column of information displays the ten most recent You Tube videos and ten most recent Twitter tweets.

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