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Roles for Professionals

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is headquartered downtown at the corner of LaSalle and Jackson. It also has a branch Detroit as well as an office in Des Moines. The roles that our professional play are important to the Federal Reserve System's work to promote the growth and stability of the U.S. economy.

Professional Opportunities

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago offers opportunities in a wide range of areas that include:

  • Accounting, which handles all accounting-related activities, from monthly expense account reviews to comprehensive, year-end financial reporting.
  • Audit, which evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization's risk management, internal control and governance processes. It also assists the Board of Directors in the effective execution of its responsibilities.
  • Banking Supervision and Regulation, which promotes a safe, sound financial system. BS&R provides risk-focused supervision and fosters effective regulation by promptly identifying and appropriately responding to appropriate issues. BS&R also sets the standard for community investment leadership and training for financial institutions and organizations.
  • Cash Services, which counts, verifies and distributes currency. The department seeks to provide quality, reliable cash services that contribute to the integrity of the U.S. financial system.
  • Credit Risk Management, which encompasses both the Discount Window and Payment Systems Risk areas, serving as a contingency lender to support financial and economic stability. The department's primary objectives include maintaining a stable monetary system and providing information and support to our account holders.
  • Economic Research, which produces timely, independent, innovative and accurate research and statistics that contribute to the formulation of sound economic, monetary, financial and regulatory policy.
  • Facilities Management, which provides safe and reliable facilities that support the Bank's goals and priorities. The department maintains functional, attractive and cost-effective building spaces that encourage employee and tenant productivity.
  • Human Resources, which recruits skilled personnel for the Bank and provide them with training and career development opportunities. The department's staff also develops and administers the Bank’s personnel policies and its salary and benefit programs and supervises the Bank's safety and medical programs.
  • Law Enforcement, which protects the bank’s assets and its employees, ensuring a safe work environment.

  • Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 230 South LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1413, USA. Tel. (312) 322-5322

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