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Charles Evans

President and CEO


Do Insurers in Catastrophe-Prone Regions Buy Enough Reinsurance?

Insurers in catastrophe-prone areas use as much as four times more reinsurance than insurers in less risky areas, and this risk transfer significantly reduces their losses.

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Is There Still Slack in the Labor Market?

Employment remains about one million jobs below trend, implying labor market slack is likely to persist at least until late 2016. 

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What Does the Changing Economy Mean for Workers?

Between January 1990 and March 2016, pay fell by 2.9 percentage points as jobs shifted to sectors with lower pay, and the trend toward lower-paying sectors has continued in the recovery.

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How Did the Recession Affect Payday Loans?

Did payday borrowing rise? And did the use of payday loans expand to include more middle-income borrowers?

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Recent News

Midwest Economic Growth Slowed in May

The Midwest Economy Index (MEI) was +0.12 in May, down from +0.28 in April.

Update on Financial Conditions

The NFCI increased for the fourth straight week, reaching its highest level since February in the week ending June 24.

Macroeconomic Sources of Recent Interest Rate Fluctuations

Behavior of asset prices seems to reflect large decline in oil prices more than recent divergence between U.S. and European monetary policy.

Economic Growth Slowed in May

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) was –0.51 in May, down from +0.05 in April.

Is Greece More or Less Indebted than Portugal or Ireland?

Which country is most burdened by its debt? Plausible measures of indebtedness suggest that Greece is anywhere from as much as 50% more indebted to as little as half as indebted as either Portugal or Ireland.

Automotive Outlook Symposium: Forecast for 2016–17

Solid and steady economic growth expected, according to Chicago Fed Automotive Outlook Symposium participants.

Evans on Current Monetary Policy Environment

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans spoke June 3 during the Global Interdependence Center conference in London.

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