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Charles Evans

President and CEO


Bubbles and Fools

Economic Perspectives article discusses two approaches to modeling greater-fool theories of asset bubbles, as well as their policy implications.

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Modeling Worker Flows across Labor Market States

Economic Perspectives article presents a simple model of the gross flows of workers between employment, unemployment and being out of the labor force.

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Derivatives and Collateral at U.S. Life Insurers

Economic Perspectives article examines the implications of regulatory reform for life insurers’ use of OTC derivatives.  Read More

New Issue of Risk Perspectives Available

Current issue offers information on recent performance of Seventh District bank and cyber security update.

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Measuring Small Business Financial Health

ProfitWise News and Views features articles about small business financial health and workforce development.  Read More

Recent News

New First Vice President Announced

Ellen Bromagen is also chief operating officer.

Consumer Credit Trends by Income and Geography in 2001–12

Chicago Fed Letter documents how credit trends varied across the income distribution, the states, and the two measures jointly.

Update on Financial Conditions

The NFCI moved up in August, reaching its highest level since late November 2012, and the ANFCI also rose — both indicating tighter financial conditions.

Midwest Economic Growth Slowed in July

The Midwest Economy Index (MEI) was −0.12 in July, down from a neutral reading in June.

Economic Growth Picked Up in July

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) was +0.34 in July, up from −0.07 in June.

Midwest Farmland Values Down Slightly in Second Quarter

Latest AgLetter reports Seventh District farmland values in the second quarter of 2015 were 3 percent lower than a year ago.

Effect of Winter Weather on First-Quarter Growth

Chicago Fed Letter finds the effects of winter weather on the economy tended to be small and short-lived.

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