Meet Danielle
  • Where are you from?

    Park Ridge, IL

  • College name?

    Loyola University Chicago.

  • Department you interned in?

    IT — Client Security Services Management

  • Why did you choose the Chicago Fed for your internship?

    I chose the Chicago Fed internship because I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn how a prestigious bank keeps their employees and private information safe through various forms of technology. When I was researching the Bank’s website, the Corporate Social Responsibility page also appealed to me because I think all big corporations should make efforts towards diversity and inclusion, volunteerism, supplier diversity, and environmentalism.

  • What did you learn?

    During my time at the Bank, I learned that it takes a lot of departments to keep the bank running. I had assumed the majority of employees and interns would have economic backgrounds, but there are a lot of people with a wide variety of experience and education who keep the Chicago Fed running.

  • What is the biggest takeaway from your time spent at the Fed?

    My biggest takeaway will be the friendships I made with other interns, and the guidance I received from the CSSM-Support team.

  • "It’s cool to be able to say I’ve hugged a cart that had over thirty million dollars in it."
  • Who would you recommend a Chicago Fed internship to?

    I would recommend a Fed internship to college students who want professional work experience in an organization that has a multitude of departments to explore and learn about.

  • What is your favorite quote?

    "To succeed in life, you need three things: a wish bone, a backbone, and a funny bone." — Reba McEntire
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