David Howell

Owner, Howell Farms

David W. Howell formerly served on our Advisory Council on Agriculture, Small Business and Labor. He is co-founder and owner of Howell Farms near Middletown, Indiana. Mr. Howell, along with his wife, founded Howell Farms in 1972 on rented land with borrowed equipment. Their operations began with traditional corn and soybean production then diversified with the addition of fruits and vegetables. They successfully expanded their family business to enable the inclusion of the second generation who has chosen to pursue agriculture as their careers after completion of university degrees. The farm, which once sold small quantities of fruits and vegetables through an on-site retail market, now grows several hundred acres of tomatoes for processing, which are shipped globally and pumpkins destined for national retailers. Additionally the total grain production has grown to include several thousand acres spread across central Indiana and in Western Bahia, Brazil. Mr. Howell was one of the first to implement routine 24 hour operations and on-farm drying and storage. He earned both bachelor's and master’s degrees from Purdue University in agricultural economics. He has previously served on the board of First Merchants Bank and the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Dean’s advisory committee at Purdue. He is currently the chairman of the United States Grains Council’s Asia Advisory committee. He was a founding member of Indiana’s Corn Marketing Council and currently serves as vice chairman. He also serves on the advisory board for the Indiana State Department of Agriculture and the Purdue University Center for Commercial Agriculture. Mr. Howell was named Distinguished Agricultural Alumnus of Purdue University and Indiana Master Farmer.

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