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Speakers Bureau

As part of the Chicago Fed’s outreach and education efforts, Bank economists, researchers and subject matter experts may be available for speeches to civic, educational and nonprofit organizations. Topics include:

  • Role of the Federal Reserve
  • Regional/national economic outlook
  • State and local government issues
  • Economic and community development
  • Economic mobility
  • Manufacturing trends, particularly in the automotive sector
  • Agricultural outlook

Speakers are generally unable to address for-profit entities. Here is an article about the Bureau’s efforts in 2023.

How Do I Schedule a Speaker?

Speaking requests will be evaluated based on Federal Reserve blackout date schedule (see below), speaker availability, the forum and subject matter. The recommended audience size is at least 50 people. Please submit request at least 60 days before your event to allow sufficient time for preparation.

To request a speaker, fill out the speaker request form

Request Speaker

How Much Will It Cost?

There is no charge. However, Chicago Fed speakers are provided only for events within the Seventh Federal Reserve District, which includes Iowa and most of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Is My Event Appropriate?

Our employees can speak to non-profit professional, business and civic groups. We do not accept requests to speak at political gatherings or organizations, fundraising events, events hosted by investment/financial firms, for-profit entities or events where it is implied that an attendee or client may experience preferential access or treatment.  Please note that there is limited availability of our speakers and they are not available during Federal Reserve blackout periods (see below). 

The Chicago Fed should be given advance opportunity to review invitations, promotional materials and announcements for any agreed upon speaking engagement prior to promotion.

FOMC Blackout Periods

Federal Reserve staff, including those at the Chicago Fed, generally do not speak publicly between a week prior to the Saturday preceding a Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting and the Thursday following that meeting. This time is referred to as the FOMC blackout period. Blackout periods for 2024 are detailed below.

Federal Reserve blackout period:

January 20–February 1
March 9–21
April 20–May 2
June 1–13
July 20–August 1
September 7–19
October 26–November 8
December 7–19


Chicago Fed policy prohibits Bank officers and employees from accepting gifts, honoraria or compensation. We kindly ask that you do not purchase or present any gift or memento that our speakers would be required to decline or return.

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