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Last Updated: 07/01/15

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No. 340

Economy to Roll Along at a Solid Pace in 2015 and Accelerate Slightly in 2016

William A. Strauss and Jacob Berman

According to participants in the Chicago Fed’s annual Automotive Outlook Symposium, the nation’s economic growth is forecasted to be near its long-term average this year and to strengthen somewhat in 2016. Inflation is expected to decrease in 2015 but rebound in 2016. The unemployment rate is anticipated to move lower through the end of 2016, reaching 5 percent by then. Light vehicle sales are predicted to improve moderately in 2015 and 2016.

No. 339

Sin Taxes: The Sobering Fiscal Reality

Richard H. Mattoon and Sarah Wetmore

On April 2, 2015, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Civic Federation held a forum to examine the use and efficacy of so-called sin taxes (e.g., taxes on alcohol, tobacco and gambling) levied by state and local governments.