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Agriculture Conference

Agriculture is important to the Seventh District's economy. Each year, we bring together experts from academia, industry, and policy institutions to explore the challenges and opportunities in the ag sector.

Automotive Insights Symposium

This event (formerly known as the Automotive Outlook Symposium) provides insights into the forces shaping the automotive sector from a wide range of industry experts. Topics have included the future for the U.S. automotive industry, the heavy truck industry outlook, dealers’ and suppliers’ perspectives on sales prospects, and the broader viewpoints of symposium participants.

Bank Structure Conference

Since the early 1960s, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's conference on bank structure and competition has served as a forum for academics, regulators, and industry participants to debate current issues affecting the financial services industry. In recent years, the conference has emphasized the industry’s changing nature and the increase in nonbank competition.

Economic Outlook Symposium

Held annually at year-end, this symposium features speakers who discuss the major sectors of the economy and share their economic activity forecasts. In addition to a keynote speaker, chief economists and senior executives from the banking, auto, steel, and machinery industries provide perspectives.

Financial Markets Group Fall Conference

The Financial Markets Group analyzes public policy issues in financial markets from multiple perspectives. The group applies legal, market practitioner, technological and other expertise to study challenges and risks in financial markets and infrastructures.

International Banking Conference

This conference focuses on important current international issues in banking and finance. It is generally cosponsored with a major international organization, and participants are selected from a broad cross-section of countries and of affiliations, including government officials, regulators, industry practitioners, and academics.

Payments Conference

Regarded as one of the premier industry payment conferences, this event provides a neutral forum for discussing the most pressing payments issues of the day, including public policy concerns. The conference provides an opportunity to learn from leaders from across the payments ecosystem and to engage in discussions about the industry’s present and its future.

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