Banker Resources

Navigate the various areas of the banking industry as it relates to supervision and regulation using the links below.

COVID-19 Supervision Resources

Learn what the Supervision and Regulation function of the Federal Reserve System is doing to support the financial industry and economy during the pandemic.

Supervision and Regulation

Explore the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's role in supervising and regulating state-chartered banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System, bank holding companies, financial holding companies, foreign banking organizations, and thrift holding companies.

Regulatory Applications and Membership Information

The Mergers and Acquisitions section within the Supervision and Regulation Department is responsible for processing various types of applications received from holding companies, state member banks, and institution-affiliated parties. Learn about membership in the Federal Reserve System and understand various banking applications. 

Banker Training and Resources

Find a variety of resources, research and data to aid bankers in finding the latest banking and economic conditions in our five-state region and the nation, including regulatory reform, Board of Governors speeches and training.

Federal Reserve Discount Window

Federal Reserve lending to depository institutions plays an important role in supporting the liquidity and stability of the banking system and the effective implementation of monetary policy. Learn more about the Federal Reserve’s lending programs.

Federal Reserve Bank Services

The Federal Reserve Banks provide financial services to depository institutions including banks, credit unions, and savings and loans, much like those that banks provide for their customers. Learn more about services offered by the Federal Reserve.

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