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Annual Report of Deposits & Reservable Liabilities

The FR 2910a is an annual report generally filed by depository institutions that are exempt from reserve requirements under the Garn-St Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 and whose total deposits, measured from depository institutions' December quarterly condition reports, are greater than the exemption amount but less than the reduced reporting limit. The report contains three data items that are to be submitted for a single day, June 30: (1) total transaction accounts, savings deposits, and small time deposits; (2) reservable liabilities; and (3) net transaction accounts.

The data collected on this report serves two purposes. First, the data are used to determine which depository institutions will remain exempt from reserve requirements and consequently eligible for reduced reporting for another year. Second, the data are used in the annual indexation of the low reserve tranche, the exemption amount, the nonexempt deposit cutoff, and the reduced reporting limit.



FR 2910a Report Form and Instructions

Interactive worksheets for use in FR 2910a preparation:

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