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Holding Company Data FAQ


Q: When does the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago expect to publish holding company data files for a given as-of date?


A: Files for each quarter should generally be available 24 hours after data are received from holding companies. No data file will be available for a given a quarter until at least one respondent has submitted data.


Q: Why does the data file for the current as-of date appear to be incomplete?


A: Current data may appear to be incomplete as data are now made available on a flow basis. Data sets available between the current as-of-date and the final reporting deadline will only contain data for respondents that have submitted their reports to date. For more details on final report deadlines, please contact Financial Reporting.


Q: How often are the data files refreshed?


A: The files for the most current five year period are refreshed daily at approximately 9:00 a.m. Central Time.


Q: If an individual institution revises holding company data, when will the update be reflected in the data files?


A: There is a one day lag from the time data are revised to when they will appear in the source database. Due to the timing of the daily refresh, some revisions made during non-business hours may not be reflected for two days from the submission date.


Q: Where can up-to-date financial statement information for individual holding companies be found?


A: Individual Holding Company financial statements are available in PDF form and can be found by doing an "Institution Search" on the National Information Center website. The financial statements are posted on a flow basis, and are updated if revisions are made by the reporting institutions. Please see the "Frequency of Updates" section on the home page of the website for more information.


Q: Is more information available on the variables contained in the data files?


A: More information, including definitions for each variable, is available through the Micro Data Reference Manual (MDRM). The Data Dictionary defines each item (four character numeric portion of the variable) and shows the reporting series on which it is available, while the Reporting Forms and Mnemonics section provides a brief description of each series and the associated mnemonic (four character alphabetic string of the variable).


Q: What nonfinancial information is available for each institution in the data files?


A: A list of available variables is included on our website under Structure and Geographical Variables. These items are a selected set of demographics and attributes for each institution, such as name, location information, and other regulatory institution IDs.


Q: Why does the number of reporting HCs vary from quarter to quarter?


A: The number of observations varies from quarter to quarter because the Y-9SP is collected on a semiannual basis (in June and December). Because HCs that file this report are included in those quarters, there is a significant increase in the number of observations for June and December. The March and September quarters only include the HCs that file the Y-9C and Y-9LP.


Note: Effective March 31, 2006, the FRY-9C and the FRY-9LP filing threshold was increased from $150 million to $500 million or more and the reporting exception that required each lower-tier bank holding company with total consolidated assets of $1 billion or more to file the FRY-9C was eliminated.


Q: How can I identify whether a HC is filing the FR Y9C and LP or the FR Y9SP?


Q: Variables for Y9C, LP and SP data are differentiated by their prefix. The prefix BHCK is for Y9C data, BHCP is for Y9LP data, and BHSP for Y9SP data.


Q: Does the Fed offer data for financial institutions other than Holding Companies?


A: For financial information on other types of financial institutions, please refer to the Central Data Repository's Public Data Distribution, which provides Thrift and Commercial Bank Call Reports. Beginning with the Call Report for March 31, 2011, the CDR will be the only source for this data.


Q: Who do I contact regarding Bank balances at the Fed?


A: There is an 800 number setup for Account Services questions that you can call for balance information. The number is (800)309-6156; it's a general number for multiple Federal Reserve Banks. The list of Account Services primary and backup contacts by district is available through the Account Services website.


Q: Who do I contact with questions pertaining to financial reporting?


A: For questions regarding financial reporting, there is an 800 number or e-mail address available. The 800 number is (877)597-5371 and the e-mail link is available through the "Contact Us" section of this page.

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