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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I submit my FR Y-6 report electronically?

A. The easiest way to file the FR Y-6 is to submit it via Reporting Central as a Portable Document Format (PDF) document. Existing Reporting Central users can work with their End User Authorized Contact (EUAC) to request access to submit their Y-6 via Reporting Central by submitting a Federal Reserve Bank Subscriber Access Request Form for Reporting Central (Form RC-1) to New users to the Reporting Central application can visit the Reporting Central Application Setup page for instructions and links to the forms that must be completed. If you cannot submit via Reporting Central, please contact the NIC team. For more information on how to submit your FR Y-6 report in Reporting Central, please see this guide.

Q. Who can I contact with further questions for the FR Y-6?

A. The National Information Center (NIC) team at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago can be reached via email or phone at (800) 233-1768.

Q. How do I submit my FR Y-10 report electronically?

A. An authorized individual from the holding company can file FR Y-10’s electronically. To sign up, click on User Account Request Form and email the form.

Q. What is an FR Y-10 reportable event?

A. For the complete list, please see the FR Y-10 instructions.

Q. When do I need to file an FR Y-10?

A. The FR Y-10 must be filed within 30 calendar days of a reportable event.

Q. Who can I contact with further questions on the FR Y-10?

A. The National Information Center (NIC) team at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago can be reached via email or phone at (800) 233-1768.

Q. When is the reporting period for this quarter?

A. The reporting period for the FR2900Q starts from the third Tuesday of the month to the following Monday, with the Monday being the as of date. Additionally, the FR2900Q is reported in March, June, September, and December. Respondents can begin submitting data on the Tuesday following the as of date.

Q. When do I have to submit this report?

A. The FR2900Q is due to the Federal Reserve by the Thursday following the as of date for the report.

Q. The person who submits the report through Reporting Central isn’t here for the processing period; can I submit this report any other way?

A. Yes, the FR2900Q report isn’t mandatory electronic, although preferred method of submission is Reporting Central. Signed hard copies of the FR2900Q can be faxed to (312) 322-5231 or e-mailed.

Q. I made a mistake when submitting the FR2900Q, would you be able to change the data for me?

A. No, revisions to the FR2900Q must be submitted online through Reporting Central or via a signed hard copy faxed to (312) 322-5231 or e-mailed.

Q. Where can I send comments about my FR2900Q to explain a large change from last quarter?

A. Please email your comments about changes seen on your report (including new contact information).

Q. I have a negative balance with my correspondent account (item B.1) but Reporting Central won’t let me submit a negative number in that field; so what do I report?

A. Report ‘0’ (zero) for any day that your institution has a negative balance with a correspondent.

Q. Is line item F.1 (Time Deposits with balances $100,000 or more) going to be changed to match the new $250,000 threshold on the Call Report?

A. No, the FR2900 will still be collecting time deposits of $100k or more. In order for the report to be changed, Regulation D would also have to be changed. This would require an act of Congress.

Q. What causes validity errors when submitting my report online?

A. Below are some helpful tips for avoiding common validity errors when submitting reports online:

  • The sum of line items A1A, A1B, A1C & A2 MUST equal item A3 for each of the 8 columns of the report (7 days of the week plus the Totals Column).
  • The sum of the first seven columns for EACH line item must equal the amount reported in the 8th column (i.e. A1C’s values for Tuesday through Monday must equal its Total Column).
  • There are SIX items that must be reported annually and only during the JUNE reporting cycle, otherwise those items MUST be left blank/null.

Q. Where can I download Bank Holding Company financial data?

A. Individual BHC data can be found on the FFIEC public website. Bulk BHC data can be downloaded here from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Q. Can I request an Annual Report to Shareholders for a Bank Holding Company regulated by the Federal Reserve?

A. The data you are searching for may be available on the FR Y-6 report, which can be found on our public website. If the data you are searching for are not available on the FR Y-6, please email our National Information Center.

Q. Where can I download prior period data in PDF form?

A. Visit the public National Information Center website (applicable to public reports only):

Click on Institution Search, and then enter the RSSD or ABA number of the institution.

Q. What are my bank’s reserve requirements?

A. Information on a depository institution’s reserve balance requirement is available through the Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration application. If you still have questions, please email the Reserves team.

Q. How can I contact the Discount Window?

A. Visit the Chicago page of the Federal Reserve Discount Window public site.

Q. My bank’s statement was adjusted after a currency shipment. Whom should I contact to find the reason for the adjustment?

A. Visit the Federal Reserve Bank Services Chicago Cash Contacts page at or contact the Chicago Cash Services Department at (800) 895-2627.

Q. When is the next Treasury auction?

A. A tentative schedule of treasury auctions can be found here.

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