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Commercial Bank Data


Complete Files 1976-2000

Each quarterly file contains all the variables currently reported on the Report of Condition and Income plus structure and geographical variables. Important documentation on forming consistent time series has been provided to aid in understanding the reporting changes that have occurred from 1976-2000. The data dictionary has been provided to assist with understanding the variable's content, as well as providing information on the reporting frequency of a variable.


Data from 1976-2000 are available as quarterly datasets in SAS XPORT format, downloadable as compressed zip files. You can download the free Universal Viewer from the SAS site to view these files if you are not a SAS user.

Year 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
1976> call7603.zip call7606.zip call7609.zip call7612.zip
1977> call7703.zip call7706.zip call7709.zip call7712.zip
1978> call7803.zip call7806.zip call7809.zip call7812.zip
1979> call7903.zip call7906.zip call7909.zip call7912.zip
1980> call8003.zip call8006.zip call8009.zip call8012.zip
1981> call8103.zip call8106.zip call8109.zip call8112.zip
1982> call8203.zip call8206.zip call8209.zip call8212.zip
1983> call8303.zip call8306.zip call8309.zip call8312.zip
1984> call8403.zip call8406.zip call8409.zip call8412.zip
1985> call8503.zip call8506.zip call8509.zip call8512.zip
1986> call8603.zip call8606.zip call8609.zip call8612.zip
1987> call8703.zip call8706.zip call8709.zip call8712.zip
1988> call8803.zip call8806.zip call8809.zip call8812.zip
1989> call8903.zip call8906.zip call8909.zip call8912.zip
1990> call9003.zip call9006.zip call9009.zip call9012.zip
1991> call9103.zip call9106.zip call9109.zip call9112.zip
1992> call9203.zip call9206.zip call9209.zip call9212.zip
1993> call9303.zip call9306.zip call9309.zip call9312.zip
1994> call9403.zip call9406.zip call9409.zip call9412.zip
1995> call9503.zip call9506.zip call9509.zip call9512.zip
1996> call9603.zip call9606.zip call9609.zip call9612.zip
1997> call9703.zip call9706.zip call9709.zip call9712.zip
1998> call9803.zip call9806.zip call9809.zip call9812.zip
1999> call9903.zip call9906.zip call9909.zip call9912.zip
2000> call0003.zip call0006.zip call0009.zip call0012.zip
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