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Economic Education Resources

The Fed provides a number of educational resources to consumers interested in economics, personal finance and the inner workings of the Federal Reserve System.

Econ Explorers

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago believes that economic and financial literacy serve critical roles in helping consumers make better decisions with their money. The path towards economic and financial understanding can begin as early as elementary school. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has prepared its Econ Explorers curriculum to help get this process started. A teacher's guide and a student's workbook are available for download.

Publications from the Chicago Fed

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago offers a variety of research publications that may be used as supplemental reading materials for your high school and college economics courses. You may find our Chicago Fedletter and Economic Perspectives articles to be of interest. For a higher level class, you may find some of our working papers to also be of interest. To see all of our publications and blogs, read more...

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