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Global Linkages to the Midwest Economy

An evaluation of the influence of factors such as foreign direct investment, import competition, and regional exports on the Midwest economy.


Foreign Direct Investment and the Great Lakes Region, 1987-91
by Linda M. Aguilar

The Location of New Foreign-Owned Manufacturing Plants in the United States and Seventh Federal Reserve District
by Cletus C. Coughlin and Jerram C. Betts

U.S. Agricultural Trade and Its Impact on the Midwest Rural Economy
by William Edmondson, Gerald Schluter, Chinook Lee and Lowell Dyson

R&D Activities and Innovativeness of Foreign-Owned Firms in Ohio
by Asim Erdilek and Milton A. Wolf

A Regional Export-Weighted Dollar: A Different Way of Looking at Exchange Rate Changes
by Jack L. Hervey and William A. Strauss

The Hollowing Out Process in the Chicago Economy, 1975-2011
by Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, Michael Sonis, Jiemin Guo, Philip R. Israilevich and Graham R. Schindler

The Export-Occupation Interface: The Chicago Experience (PDF,108)
by Philip R. Israilevich, Graham R. Schindler and Geoffrey J. D. Hewings

U.S. Regional Trade with Canada in the First Five Years of Free Trade
by Jane Sneddon Little
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