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Last Updated: 11/29/2022

Cost-Effective Carbon Restrictions

Market-based emission systems can be important in controlling the costs and impact of mandated reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. How will the Midwest adapt to the regulation of GHGs? The Midwest economy will likely be affected by carbon regulation in two major ways. The first avenue of regional effect concerns the degree of direct carbon reduction that may be required of Midwest households and businesses, especially in the generation and use of electric power. A second avenue of effect is less direct. The U.S. Congress is considering greater stringency in the fuel-efficiency of cars, trucks and other transportation vehicles. Major automotive companies are domiciled in the region, many of which are now financially beleaguered and are thought to face additional challenges in complying with heightened fuel-efficiency standards. Industry experts and policymakers discussed issues related to carbon emissions.

Monday, 10/15/07
8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM
Introductory Remarks
William Testa, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
8:45 AM
Overview: Options for Carbon Reduction
Howard Gruenspecht, Deputy Administrator, Energy Information Administration
9:45 AM
Emissions Trading
Mike J. Walsh, Senior Vice President, Chicago Climate Exchange, Inc.
10:30 AM
CAFE Standards and Carbon Emissions: Impact, Efficiency, and Economics
Martin Zimmerman, Clinical Professor of Business Administration, University of Michigan
11:15 AM
Carbon Tax Opinion
Gilbert Metcalf, Professor of Economics, Tufts University
12:00 PM
12:45 PM
Luncheon Speaker
John Dingell, U.S. Representative, Michigan
2:00 PM
Alternative Power Generation Options
David K. Schmalzer, Director, Fossil Energy Program and Acting Manager, Carbon Management and Sequestration Research, Argonne National Laboratory
2:45 PM
Regional Impact
Sugandha Tuladhar, Associate Principal, Charles River Associates
3:30 PM
3:45 PM
Nuclear Option
Don Jones, Senior Economist and Vice President for Marketing, RCF Economic and Financial Consulting Incorporated
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