Midwest Economy: Outlook for 2012 and Beyond

On December 1, 2011, the Regional Programs team hosted a conference to discuss the outlook for the Midwest. Academics, policymakers and researchers gathered to share their perspectives. Please visit the tab labeled Agenda to access presentations.

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12:30 PM
Bill Testa, Vice President and Director of Regional Programs, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Sophia Koropeckyj, Managing Director, Moody’s Analytics
12:30 PM
Midwest Regional, State and Local Outlooks, Insights and Tools
Presentations and Discussion
George Erickcek, Upjohn Institute
Randy Eberts, Upjohn Institute
Ernie P Goss, Creighton University
Geoff Hewings, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
David Oppedahl, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Elizabeth Weigensberg, Chapin Hall
Frank Beale, Metropolis Strategies
William Strauss, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
3:00 PM
Fiscal Outlook and Fiscal Indicators
Presentations and Discussion by All Participants, Especially
Natalie Davila, Illinois Department of Revenue
Larry DeBoer, Purdue University
Romani Soria, Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Michael Pagano, University of Illinois at Chicago
David Zin, Senate Fiscal Agency, State of Michigan
Rick Mattoon, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
4:15 PM
The (New) Midwest Economy Index
Scott Brave, Senior Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
4:15 PM


Last Updated: 01/04/2012

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