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Addressing Land Contracts through Research, Policy, and Practice: A Housing Symposium


Please join us on October 29, 2019, for a Housing Symposium at the Detroit Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Land contracts have attracted the attention of a growing number of policymakers, housing practitioners, and advocates in recent years. In communities where mortgage credit is limited, homebuyers may turn to land contracts for financing. While these arrangements can help achieve homeownership in the absence of a standard mortgage, they carry important risks and few consumer protections, and have negatively impacted many vulnerable households.

This convening will highlight the latest research, policy developments, and programs responding to the use of land contracts, with a focus on Detroit and Flint. The research will include recent data on Detroit’s housing market, the places and people affected by land contract lending, and a historical analysis of predatory land contract lending to black homebuyers in Chicago. Policymakers will discuss responses to protect consumers and to revitalize housing markets. Community development practitioners will share knowledge of effective programs to provide safe pathways to homeownership and to support individuals affected by contract lending.

The Detroit Branch offers free, on-site, secure parking. Please be advised that government-issued photo identification is required in order to enter the building.

Tuesday, 10/29/19
9:30 AM
Registration and check-in
10:00 AM
Opening remarks
Desiree Hatcher, Community Development Director , Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
10:15 AM
Research Panel
Marc Norman, Associate Professor of Practice in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Michigan
Joshua Akers, Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban and Regional Studies, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Taz George, Senior Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Amber Hendley, Fair Housing Testing Coordinator, Policy Research Collaborative, Roosevelt University
11:15 AM
Practitioner Panel
Maggie DeSantis, Initiative Manager, Building the Engine of Community Development in Detroit
Christine Coady Narayanan, President and CEO, Opportunity Resource Fund
Phyllis Edwards, Executive Director, Bridging Communities
Wendy Jackson, Managing Director of Detroit Program, The Kresege Foundation
Michele Wildman, Executive Director, Genesee County Land Bank
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
Policy Panel
Lisa Nelson, Community Development Research Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Lorray Brown, Co-Director and Consumer Law Attorney, Michigan Poverty Law Program
Erica Faaborg, Chief Counsel, City of Cincinnati
Michael Polsinelli, Detroit Field Office Director, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Saskia Thompson, Executive Director, Detroit Land Bank Authority
2:00 PM
Event Information
Event Contact
Community Development and Policy Studies

Registration Deadline
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Detroit Branch
1600 E. Warren Avenue
Detroit, MI 48207

9:30am - 2:30pm
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