For young people, both higher education and the workforce are on the horizon, but two years of pandemic-fueled setbacks threaten to leave many behind. What are the barriers to their recovery, and how are community leaders addressing them?

Hear from education and youth development leaders on:

  • Academic and socio-emotional learning
  • Trauma and loss
  • College-career-workforce pathways

Panelists will discuss what it takes to help young people thrive during and after the pandemic, with a particular focus on the pandemic’s effect on the barriers to economic mobility for low-income and historically underserved youth.

This event is free and open to the public, but registration is advised. Questions for the panelists can be submitted during the registration process.

Fed Listens is a Federal Reserve System initiative that began in 2019 as a way to hear about how monetary policy affects people’s daily lives and livelihoods. Since 2021, these listening sessions have focused on listening to diverse perspectives on how communities were impacted by and are recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.


Fed Listens: Helping Youth Thrive—A Discussion with Leaders

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