Health Insurance Dynamics

Insurance coverage in the United States can be complicated and might involve transitions between private and public coverage—and in some cases loss of insurance due to job loss. These changes can impact access to health care and increase the likelihood of financial challenges. Because most Americans access health insurance through an employer-sponsored plan, coverage is tied to labor market fluctuations. But what happens when insurance coverage is interrupted because of employment separation?

To explore the dynamics between health insurance and employment in the United States, the Chicago Fed hosted a virtual event from 11:00 am -12:00 pm CT on May 9, 2024. During the event, Chicago Fed economists presented research on the impact of insurance transitions on policyholders who become unemployed and the effect of expanded Medicaid access following an involuntary loss of private employer health insurance. The research presentations were followed by a panel featuring experts in the fields of medicine and public health who discussed the policy implications of insurance transitions and Medicaid access for workers and their families.

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Health Insurance Dynamics: Coverage, Gaps, and Financial Impacts

Thursday, 05/09/24
11:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Anna Paulson, Executive Vice President, Director of Research and Executive Committee Member, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
11:03 AM
How Health Insurance Improves Financial Health
Bhash Mazumder, Senior Economist and Economic Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
11:16 AM
Medicaid-ing Uninsurance: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act
Shanthi Ramnath, Senior Economist and Economic Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
11:30 AM
Panel Discussion & Audience Questions
James Capretta, Milton Friedman Chair, American Enterprise Institute
Anthony  LoSasso, Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics, DePaul University
Angela Harper Mahome, Psychiatrist, Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital
Robin Rudowitz, Vice President and Director, Medicaid and the Uninsured
11:58 AM
Closing Remarks
Kristen Broady, Senior Economist and Economic Advisor and Director of the Economic Mobility Project, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
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