The Future of Innovation in an Inclusive Chicago

This forum is part of Project Hometown, a new initiative from the Chicago Fed that aims to foster discussion around the challenges and opportunities confronting hometowns in the Seventh District.

Chicago is a global hub for innovation in finance, technology, and other sectors. Yet continued innovation is not a given, and the makeup of the city’s population has not been reflected in its most innovative industries. How can Chicago’s history of innovation continue, and how can it include all residents of the city?

The goals of the session are as follows:

  • What industries will be the engines of innovation and economic growth in Chicago’s future?
  • What do business, government, and other sectors need to do to support continued innovation in Chicago?
  • What steps can be taken to ensure all of the city’s residents participate in the growth that innovative industries create?
  • How can Chicago’s innovative businesses and government agencies attract and retain skills and talent at all seniority levels? 
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