Health Care and Jobs During the Pandemic A Closer Look at Chicagos Neighborhoods

This forum is part of Project Hometown, a new initiative from the Chicago Fed that aims to foster discussion around the challenges and opportunities confronting hometowns in the Seventh District.

In Chicago, as in all major cities, the health impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt disproportionally by some groups and neighborhoods. Similarly, the decline in economic activity necessary to reduce the spread of the virus has had a disparate impact on employment around the city.

Our goal for this forum is to bring together diverse perspectives on how neighborhoods can recover from the pandemic, overcome long-standing inequities, and rebuild for resilience.

In this one-hour virtual convening, experts will discuss:

  • How people and neighborhoods within the city of Chicago have been impacted differentially by the pandemic.
  • How health care providers have responded to the various needs of different communities.
  • How communities and community-based organizations have supported their residents in confronting the health and economic implications of the virus.
  • How job loss and job challenges have affected different groups of individuals, and how this has evolved over the course of the pandemic.
  • How Chicago is responding to these challenges and identifying opportunities for a healthy and inclusive recovery.
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