Rhandi Berth

Vice President, Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership

Rhandi Berth has been an Advisory Council member since 2013. She is vice president of the Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership (WRTP), a nationally recognized workforce development nonprofit organization. For the past 20 years, WRTP has redefined workforce development and pioneered the Workforce Intermediary and Industry Partnership strategies, now being adopted across the country. Berth has been at the heart of WRTP since its founding and is regarded as one of the foremost experts on industry driven workforce strategies in the country.

Berth also serves as president of Triada Employment Services Inc., a nonprofit subsidiary of WRTP. Triada staffing services provides workforce solutions targeted to the manufacturing and construction industries. Triada was developed and launched in 2007 as a market based response to industry challenges in developing a qualified and motivated workforce, and assist companies in recovery lost market share and costs related to vacancy, turnover, and temporary workforce structures. Berth currently serves in a number of advisory roles to state and national organizations involved in workforce development research and policy.

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