Carol Clark

Senior Policy Advisor

Carol Clark is a senior policy advisor in the supervision and regulation department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Prior to this, she was a senior policy advisor, financial markets in the economic research department. Her work focuses on public policy issues relating to high-speed trading (high frequency, automated and algorithmic trading), market structure, clearing, settlement and payments. Prior to joining the financial markets group, she was payments research manager in the economic research department. Clark has held a variety of positions at the Bank including national market research manager in the customer relations and support office, examiner in the capital markets unit, research coordinator in the national book-entry securities office, and analyst in the loans and reserves department. Her research has been published in the Journal of Payment Systems Law, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Chicago Fed Letter and Economic Perspectives as well as Euromoney Books.

Clark has a B.A. from St. Xavier College and an M.A. from the University of Chicago. Her master’s thesis focused on central bank behaviors during banking crises.

Chicago Fed Letter
Carol Clark | 2014 | No. 320 | March Download
Sujit Chakravorti, Carol Clark | 2003 | No. 194 | October Download
Economic Perspectives
Carol Clark | 2005 | Vol. 29 | No. 2005-4 | November | 4th Quarter Download
Policy Discussion Papers
Carol Clark, Rajeev Ranjan | 2012 | Vol. PDP | No. 2012-2012-3 | June Download
Carol Clark, John W. McPartland | 2012 | Vol. PDP | No. 2012-2012-2 | June Download
Carol Clark, Rajeev Ranjan | 2012 | Vol. PDP | No. 2012-2012-1 | March Download
Carol Clark, Rajeev Ranjan | 2011 | No. 2011-PDP 2011-2 | November Download
Carol Clark, Richard Heckinger, Rajeev Ranjan, John W. McPartland | 2011 | No. 2011-PDP 2011-1 | October Download
Carol Clark | 2010 | No. 2010-PDP 2010-1 | March Download
Carol Clark, David Marshall, Robert Steigerwald | 2007 | No. 2007-PDP 2007-1 | March Download

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With Victor Lubasi and Gozde Yazar, 2005, “Global Electronic Payments,”   Journal of Payment Systems Law, Vol. 1, No. 1pp. 25-132.

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