Marshall Eckblad

Senior Supervision Analyst, Supervision and Regulation

Marshall Eckblad is a senior supervision analyst in the Supervision and Regulation Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Chicago Fed Letter
Michael Austin, Marshall Eckblad, Courtney Markovich, Jacqunette Murray, Wade Perry, Nick Strok, Terri Woodford | 2017 | No. 383 Download
Marshall Eckblad, Lamont K. Black, Ana Oppenheimer | 2016 | No. 367 Download
Marshall Eckblad, Lamont K. Black, Esther Ogunro | 2015 | No. 345 Download
Lamont K. Black, Marshall Eckblad | 2014 | No. 328a | October Download
Marshall Eckblad, Thomas Jacobs, Alexander Perry | 2013 | No. 316a | November Download
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