Michael R. Keppler

Executive Vice President, Cash and Central Bank Services and Director, Credit Risk Management Support Office (CRMSO)

Michael Keppler


Michael (Mike) R. Keppler is executive vice president of Cash and Central Bank Services, and director of the Credit Risk Management Support Office (CRMSO). He has oversight of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s statistics and financial reporting, lending and payment risk services provided to Seventh District financial institutions. He is also the inaugural director of the CRMSO, established in 2023, to facilitate an enterprise approach to credit risk management activities that support the Federal Reserve Banks. He also serves on the Bank’s executive committee and sponsors leadership development initiatives within the organization.

Prior to this role, Mike served as Senior Vice President of Cash and Central Bank Services. He has also served as Vice President of Central Bank Services over the Credit Risk Management and Statistics and Financial Reporting functions, and he represented the Bank on the Federal Reserve System’s Committee on Reserves Administration.

Mike joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 1993 as part of an analyst rotation program at the Detroit Branch. There, he held positions in Accounting and Budget and supported Branch special projects. In 2001, he relocated to the Chicago office as an Accounting manager responsible for Depository Institution Accounting and General Ledger. In 2007, he was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Accounting and was also responsible for oversight of the Bank’s internal control program and the external audit of internal controls and financial statements.

During his career, Mike contributed to a number of Federal Reserve System committees related to accounting management, credit risk and financial compliance. He also led System groups in efforts to develop controls for the Federal Reserve’s internal accounting application and document imaging and automated workflow solutions.

Mike earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and M.B.A. with a specialty in accounting from Loyola University Chicago.

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