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Enrichetta Ravina is a Senior Economist in the Financial Research group at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Her research interests include Behavioral Finance, Consumption and Credit Markets, and Corporate Finance.

Ravina’s research has examined the way individual portfolio and investment decisions in 401(k) plans are affected by government policy, firm characteristics and individual demographics; the financial decisions of high net worth U.S. households; the consumption, borrowing decisions, credit card usage, and stock market investments of U.S. households; and the effect of appearance, persuasion and personal characteristics on the terms of financial transactions.

Ravina also studies the role of institutional investors in the economy and in society, by estimating the preferences and ideology of mutual funds and public pension funds from their proxy voting, the evolution of such preferences over time, and their impact on the firms they own shares in and other stakeholders.

Her research has received numerous prizes and has been published in the Journal of Financial Economics, the Review of Financial Studies, and Management Science, among others. She holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Business from the University of Torino, and an MA and PhD in Economics from Northwestern University.

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Cheng (Patrick) Luo, Enrichetta Ravina, Marco Sammon, Luis M. Viceira | 2023 | No. 2023-34 | September Download
Francisco Gomes, Kenton Hoyem, Wei-Yin Hu, Enrichetta Ravina | 2022 | No. 2022-40 | September Download
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