Ivana Ruffini

Senior Policy Specialist, Financial Markets

Ivana Ruffini is a senior policy specialist in the financial markets group at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, where she contributes to the Federal Reserve's position on public policy issues involving financial markets. Her work focuses on analyzing impact and efficacy of regulatory changes and customer protections in derivatives markets, supervisory oversight of exchange-traded and privately negotiated financial instruments, international competitiveness, financial market infrastructure and systemic risk.

Prior to joining the financial markets group in 2013, Ruffini was a risk specialist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Before joining the Federal Reserve, Ruffini was active in the alternative investment space as a private equity investment professional, a derivatives trader and a credit specialist. Her prior employers include Baird Capital Partners, One Equity Partners, JP Morgan and Bank One.

Ruffini received a B.A. in mathematics from Denison University and an M.B.A. in finance and marketing from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Economic Perspectives
Ivana Ruffini | 2015 | Vol. 39 | 4th Quarter Download
Ivana Ruffini, Robert Steigerwald | 2014 | Vol. 38 | 3rd Quarter Download

Book Chapters

Understanding Derivatives: Markets and Infrastructure 


Chapter 3: Over-the-Counter Derivatives
with Richard Heckinger and Kirstin Wells

Chapter 4: Hedging
with Richard Heckinger

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