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Wyman B. Winston

Executive Director, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority

Wyman B. Winston was appointed by Governor Scott Walker as Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA’s) executive director, effective January 3, 2011. Winston is committed to leveraging WHEDA's resources, including its professional staff of highly motivated individuals, to help communities meet their affordable housing needs while also fostering business growth and job creation in Wisconsin. Since his appointment, WHEDA’s noteworthy accomplishments include: creating jobs, helping small businesses, and providing housing opportunities for residents across Wisconsin. Winston serves on the Governor's Task Force on Minority Unemployment and the Council on Workforce Investment. He is also president of the Greater Wisconsin Opportunities Fund, a Community Development Entity. Under Winston’s leadership, along with support from the Governor, State Legislature, WHEDA members of the Board and employees, and many partners, WHEDA has invested over $1 billion in Wisconsin for affordable housing and economic development.

In 2012, Governor Walker and Winston unveiled Transform Milwaukee, a public-private initiative focusing on restoring economic vitality to Wisconsin’s largest city. Through WHEDA financing and public-private partnerships, the initiative has generated over $275 million of development in Milwaukee. Prior to his current appointment, Winston spent 14 years at WHEDA as a senior manager, first in Multifamily and later heading the Emerging Markets Group. Outside of WHEDA, he spent ten years at other redevelopment authorities.

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