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Last Updated: 03/03/22

Detroit Economic Activity Index (DEAI) Current Data

Contributions to the DEAI

The DEAI can be decomposed into the contributions from each component data series such that the sum of the contributions results in the current value of the index. The contributions combine what a given series indicates for the Detroit economy and how related that series is to other measures of economic activity. Series that are more closely related to other components receive a larger weight in the index and will have larger contributions to the current index value.

We group these series into four categories: labor, trade, real estate, and income. Included in the income category is gross metropolitan product (GMP) for the Detroit–Warren–Dearborn metropolitan statistical area (MSA), which is used in the estimation of Detroit gross city product (GCP).


Notes: The quarterly contributions in the table are not “simple” averages, but instead “triangle” averages of the monthly contributions. For growth rate measures like the DEAI (including its contributions), the triangle average best approximates a quarterly growth rate from a monthly growth rate. A simple average weights current and past values equally, while a triangle average has weights that peak in the recent past and are equally spaced going backward and forward in time from the peak.

Download contributions to the DEAI by series.

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