Watch Chair Powell’s Comments on Racial Equality

Comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell
June 10th Press Conference Following FOMC Meeting

"I want to acknowledge the tragic events that have again put a spotlight on the pain of racial injustice in this country. The Federal Reserve serves the entire nation. We operate in and are part of many of the communities across the country where Americans are grappling with and expressing themselves on issues of racial equality. I speak for my colleagues throughout the Federal Reserve System when I say that there is no place at the Federal Reserve for racism and there should be no place for it in society. Everyone deserves the opportunity to participate fully in our society and in our economy. These principles guide us in all we do, from monetary policy to our focus on diversity and inclusion in our work place and to our work to ensure fair access to credit across the country. We will take this opportunity to renew our steadfast commitment to these principles."

Transcript of Chair Powell’s Press Conference Opening Remarks

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