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The Heterogeneous Effects of Trade across Occupations: A Test of the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem
Sergi Basco, Maxime Liégey, Martí Mestieri, Gabriel Smagghue | 2020 | Working Paper | No.  2020-24 | October
Reforming Social Security to Save Social Security
Abdoulaye Ndiaye, Lisa Camner McKay | 2019 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  419
Best Practices for Financing Illinois Infrastructure: A Conference Summary
Rick Mattoon, Sarah Wetmore | 2019 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  414
Preventing the Next State Budget Crisis: A Conference Summary
Rick Mattoon | 2018 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  402
Navigating Pension Reform in Illinois
Rick Mattoon, Sarah Wetmore | 2018 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  398
Flexible Retirement and Optimal Taxation
Abdoulaye Ndiaye | 2018 | Working Paper | No.  2018-18
Mexico’s Growing Role in the Auto Industry Under NAFTA: Who Makes What and What Goes Where
Thomas H. Klier, James Rubenstein | 2017 | Economic Perspectives | Vol. 41 | No.  6
The Burden of Taxation in the United States and Germany
Lorenz J. Jarass, Anthony E. Tokman, Mark L. J. Wright | 2017 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  382
Chicago’s Fiscal Future: Growth or Insolvency? A Conference Summary
Rick Mattoon, Sarah Wetmore | 2017 | Chicago Fed Letter | No.  379
Is Inflation Default? The Role of Information in Debt Crises
Marco Bassetto, Carlo Galli | 2017 | Working Paper | No.  2017-06
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