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Deregulation and Efficiency: The Case of Private Korean Banks
Jonathan Hao, William C. Hunter, Won Keun Yang | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-27
Globalization of Financial Institutions: Evidence from Cross-Border Banking Performance
Allen N.  Berger, Robert  DeYoung , Hesna Genay, Gregory F. Udell | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-25
Testing the Stability of Implied Probability Density Functions
Robert R. Bliss, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-21
Who's Minding the Store? Motivating and Monitoring Hired Managers at Small, Closely Held Firms: The Case of Commercial Banks
Robert  DeYoung , Kenneth Spong, Richard J. Sullivan | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-17
A Theory of Credit Cards
Sujit  Chakravorti, Ted To | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-16
Banking Market Structure, Financial Dependence and Growth: International Evidence from Industry Data
Nicola Cetorelli, Michele Gambera | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-08
Product Mix and Earnings Volatility at Commercial Banks: Evidence from a Degree of Leverage Model
Robert  DeYoung , Karin P. Roland | 1999 | Working Paper | No.  1999-06
Bank Time Deposit Rates and Market Discipline in Poland: The Impact of State Ownership and Deposit Insurance Reform
Thomas S. Mondschean, Timothy P. Opiela | 1998 | Working Paper | No.  1998-13
The Informational Advantage of Specialized Monitors: The Case of Bank Examiners
Robert  DeYoung , Mark J.  Flannery , William W. Lang, Sorin M. Sorescu | 1998 | Working Paper | No.  1998-04
A Trojan Horse or the Golden Fleece? Small Business Investment Companies and Government Guarantees
Elijah  Brewer III , Hesna Genay, William Jackson III, Paula R. Worthington | 1997 | Working Paper | No.  1997-22
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