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How Do Proprietary Trading Firms Control the Risks of High Speed Trading?
Carol Clark, Rajeev Ranjan | 2012 | Policy Discussion Paper | Vol. PDP | No.  2012-1 | March
How Do Exchanges Control the Risks of High Speed Trading?
Carol Clark, Rajeev Ranjan | 2011 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2011-2 | November
What Tools Do Vendors Provide to Control the Risks of High Speed Trading?
Carol Clark, Richard Heckinger, Rajeev Ranjan, John W. McPartland | 2011 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2011-1 | October
Estimating the Volume of Counterfeit U.S. Currency in Circulation Worldwide: Data and Extrapolation
Richard Porter | 2010 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2010-2 | March
Controlling Risk in a Lightning-speed Trading Environment
Carol Clark | 2010 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2010-1 | March
Banking Crises and Investor Confidence: An Empirical Investigation
Una Okonkwo Osili, Anna Paulson | 2009 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2009-9 | December
Externalities in Payment Card Networks: Theory and Evidence
Sujit  Chakravorti | 2009 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  PDP 2009-8 | December
Information Revelation in the Diamond-Dybvig Banking Model
Ed Nosal, Neil Wallace | 2009 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  7 | December
Pairwise Trade, Asset Prices and Monetary Policy
Ed Nosal, Guillaume Rocheteau | 2009 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  6 | December
Digital Checks as Electronic Payment Orders
Katy Jacob, Anna Lunn, Richard Porter, Wade Rousse, Bruce J. Summers, David Walker | 2009 | Policy Discussion Paper | No.  5 | November
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